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Hakuba’s Best Views at Iwatake Snowfield

Hakuba Mountains

Some of Hakuba’s best views can be found at Hakuba Iwatake Snowfield, between Hakuba Happo One and Tsugaike Kogen ski resorts.

On a clear day, the Hakuba Sanzan mountains seem close enough to touch, and the ridges of Happo and Tsugaike add to the brilliant scenery. You won’t find better views anywhere else!

Iwatake Terrain Park

Iwatake can be roughly split into two areas. The mountain base has 4 lifts that grant access to its beginner and intermediate courses, with two advanced courses on either side. The longest lift and gondola can be used to access the mountaintop area, which pools out into 4 different sections around the peak.

The terrain of Iwatake is unique with undulating ridges and valleys, offering plenty of natural walls and chutes to play around.

Mountain Views

On the far side of the mountaintop are Iwatake’s tree courses, an area of woods segmented by several fast intermediate/advanced courses. Facing away from the village, this section of Iwatake is especially serene and quiet. Ungroomed courses can be found in other parts of the mountaintop area as well.

Sky Arch

For lunch, there are two cafeterias and numerous restaurants near the base of the mountain. If you’d like a good view, definitely visit the Skyarc on the mountaintop, built to offer 360 degree views of the surrounding landscape. The White Plaza cafeteria at the base offers standard ski resort fare, such as ramen, noodles, and tonkatsu curry.

After a long day of skiing, nothing beats a relaxing soak in hot springs. Across from the ski resort is Iwatake’s own natural hot spring, Iwatake-no-yu.


To reach Hakuba Iwatake Snowfield, take the Hakuba Valley Shuttle bus from the Hakuba Happo Bus Terminal or Hakuba Station.

If coming from Nagano city, first take the Hakuba line bus to the station or bus terminal.


Adults: 1 Day 4400 yen
Elementary School kids: 1 Day 2600 yen
Seniors (50-69): 1 Day 3900 yen

For more information about Hakuba Iwatake Snowfield, see their official English website here.


Originally from Maryland, USA, I’ve been living and working in Nagano since 2012. After teaching English for a few years I moved onto the Nagano Prefecture Tourism department to help introduce more of Nagano to the world. I love the mountains here and enjoy skiing, hiking, and bouldering in my free time. There’s nothing quite like a day in the mountains followed by a relaxing dip in the hot spring with friends! (アメリカのメリーランド出身で、2012年長野県に引っ越しました。数年英語の先生として働いたけど、去年から長野県庁観光部に入って、より多くの人々に長野の良さを知って頂けるように努めています。長野県の山々が大好きで、暇な時はスキー、ボルダリング、登山などをやっています。山で遊んだ後の、友達と入る温泉はまた格別です。) 【長野県在住/20代/男】